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Emergency and Family Assistance Testimonial


Metro Council for                  Teen Potential              Testimonials

Dear Mrs. Katie and Mrs. Shantel,

Thank you for bringing in snacks and for teaching us, also I hope that you teach for the other kids who are going to become six graders.  

I appreciate that you come in for us and teach us for example, trip planning, passive aggressive, timeline, college degree, business car, dream job and budget.  

I learned that life is taking baby steps.

I will always remember the thing you teach us and for coming in, I love you guys so much.”



6th Grade

Dear Mrs. Katie and Mrs. Shantel,

Thank you for bringing snacks and helping me with the lessons you bought us.  Thank you for the time you gave us 6th graders.

I appreciate how you help me think about my future and when I feel down you guys make my day.

I will always remember the timeline lesson that you taught us and I hope Ms. Katie has a good wedding and congratulations …  Thank you so much.


To Mrs. Shantel,

Thank you for teaching me how to love myself and for letting me trust you.  Thank you for respecting my sexuality and personality.  I‘ll always remember … how you didn’t judge me …  I also love when you listen when I’m talking to you and not ignoring me.

I also hope you can come back next year and keep bringing snacks.  I can’t wait to have the party and see Mr. Freeman perform for us.  I love you and your personality.

I hope you come back soon.