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Baden Street Settlement – Serving Rochester, N.Y.

Baden Street Settlement is helping the Rochester community build itself up and go in a better direction. Learn more about the services Baden Street provides to support all ages, individuals and families throughout Rochester, NY.

Baden Street Settlement serves 5,000 individuals, children, families, and seniors every year

100% of children receive nutritional meals daily, while attending daycare and early childhood programs

Providing resources to residents whose annual income is < $15,000


Community Youth and Adult Development (CYAD)

Behavioral Health & Community Services

Child Development Center

Counseling and Substance Abuse Support

Digital Arts Center

Emergency & Family Assistance

Mature Adult Resource Center

Metro Council for Teen Potential

Baden Street Settlement – Serving Rochester, N.Y. for 123 Years and Counting

Since its inception in 1901, Baden Street Settlement has provided essential services for families in the Rochester, N.Y. community to address social issues of the time. It’s been a safety net for Rochester, the foundation that brings out the best in us.

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