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Position: Peer Support Specialist (Full Time)

A peer is someone with lived experience with substance use who uses their experiential  knowledge to support the recovery goals of individuals who use drugs and/or alcohol. Peers are natural support experts,  meaning that the relationships they establish can lead to  increased feelings of support, safety, and wellbeing among the individuals they serve. Peer support services are participant-centered; even though services emphasize knowledge and wisdom through lived experience, peers are encouraged to be extremely intentional in how they share their story or pull from first-hand knowledge to ensure that support work chiefly benefits program participants.

JOB SEGMENTS: a. Assist counseling staff in making telephone calls to re-engage clients in treatment. b. Assist counseling staff with referrals (including paperwork) for services such as detox, inpatient and halfway houses. c. Assist the counseling staff with raising awareness of existing social and other support services. d. Model coping skills. e. Provide non-clinical crisis support, especially after periods of hospitalization or incarceration f. Meet clients at court appearances, DHS and other appointments to be determined (with supervisor approval). g. Link participants to formal recovery supports including A-chess phone app and community supports systems. h. Educate program participants about various modes of recovery, and i. Other duties as assigned

QUALIFICATIONS: a. High School Diploma or GED b. OASAS Certified Peer Advocate (CRPA), OASAS Certified Peer Advocate Provisional (CRPA-P). c. Proficient computer skills d. Excellent communication skills both written and verbal (detail progress reporting). e. Reliable transportation and a valid, clean driver’s license.

Candidate will report directly to the George C. Simmons Counseling and Support Center’s Program Director.

Baden Street Settlement is an Equal Opportunity Employer