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Pamela Jackson-Yelder

Ms. Jackson-Yelder’s passion for Baden Street Settlement is truly contagious. She has invested the majority of her life as a humble servant leader. Ms. Jackson-Yelder speaks of Baden Street as an extended family, a beacon of hope and a way for families to get back on track. She reminds us that when a family has nothing to eat or does not have a roof over their head, it is hard to think about anything else other than how they will get through the day. Individuals and families can lean on Baden Street Services at times like these –they make it possible to pursue your potential. This is one of the reason Ms. Jackson-Yelder has put so much of herself into this community.

Pam Jackson-Yelder is a native of Rochester who worked for Baden Street Settlement for over 50 years. She is one of a family of 16 siblings, 15 of which are brothers. She started at Baden as a youth worker. As she was growing up in the Baden Street area, college did not seem like a viable, affordable reality; however, the college recruiters thought otherwise and felt she was a perfect candidate. Ms. Jackson-Yelder attended Kent University and received her Bachelor of Science. She came to Baden Street when she returned to Rochester after living in the DC/Maryland area for 8 years. She has worked in the field of athletics for over five decades and spent the last 8 years as the Activities Director. She has recently retired after working tirelessly on behalf of the Baden Street family. In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her lovely daughters.

Ms. Jackson-Yelder, we cannot thank you enough for your compassion, dedication and lifelong contribution of selfless giving to the Baden Street Community. With collective open arms and community love — we salute you!!