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Metro Council for Teen Potential (MCTP) is a coalition of youth-serving organizations that promotes youth development and youth health in the City’s most stressed neighborhoods.  Baden Street Settlement has been the host agency for MCTP for over 20 years.  MCTP supports 35 member agencies, schools, and health centers to implement strength-based and evidence-based approaches to ensure youth success and to prevent teen pregnancy.  Between 2008 and 2017, teen birth rates in Rochester declined by 64% and continue to decrease.

Resources and support continue to be made available to Rochester teens to promote healthy relationships and safe choices.  MCTP works with the City of Rochester, RCSD, Causewave, URMC, Planned Parenthood, Center for Youth and others to implement life skills, arts, and health programs and youth leadership activities.  MCTP  engages youth to develop social marketing messages to promote healthy behaviors, and delivers the Family Talk communication workshop series for parents.  Learn more about MCTP at https://metrocouncilrochester.org/

Program Director

Sheila Driscoll has led the Metro Council for Teen Potential at Baden Street Settlement since the year 2000. Sheila graduated from Columbia Law School and worked for twenty years in civil legal services programs in Rochester before coming to Baden Street. Sheila has enjoyed serving as Director to the Metro Council for Teen Potential, a collaborative program that promotes youth health and youth development. Sheila has three daughters and lives in the 19th Ward. She appreciates the many natural places available in Rochester for hiking and biking.