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Department: Emergency and Family Assistance

Location: 13 Vienna street

Job Title: Bilingual Caseworker


General Description:

The General Caseworker is responsible for interviewing customers, verifying information, providing and linking customers to resources for the remediation of their immediate  needs.  Assist customers  identify and implement objectives and action steps that will lead to self-sufficiency, working with customers who have problems with Rent, food, utilities, temporary assistance, jobs, rehabilitation etc.

Job Requirements:

Must have good communication/customer service skills, translation and  interpretation  of documentation. Organizational and time management, basic  computer  and  data  entry.  Keeping accurate records and documentation, demonstrate Knowledge of settlement house programs. Provide casework services to customer through, advocacy, transportation, home visits, office visit,  phone  calls etc.

Work experience requirements:

Must have an understanding of community resources and have met the minimum requirements. Working in the community/customer service field. Knowledge of the challenges that the community faces and having the motivation to assist the families and the individuals we served to become self- sufficient. Via employment Rehabilitation housing and mental health.

Community Requirements:

Maintain a good rapport with;  MCDHS,  SSI,  SSA,  Manage  Care  Organizations,  Community  Food Cupboard, RG&E, LAWNY, Rochester Housing Authority and other agencies that may be beneficial to our customers.

Minimum Education Requirements:

Associates Degree, and/or (5) five years working in the community/customer service field.

**Other duties may apply** Miscellaneous Responsibilities as assigned by program management.

Send resume to:
Baden Street Settlement
Emergency and Family Assistance Dept. 152 Baden Street
Rochester, New York 14605