About Us   

In 1997, Baden Street Settlement adopted an agenda that focuses on four areas: Family, Education, Health and Crime and Violence. With empathy and effectiveness, Baden Street Settlement is responding to community needs through the efforts of their nine departments and numerous programs including, Emergency and Family Assistance, Child Development, Education and Development, Activities and Recreation, Chemical Dependency & Case Management Services, Jobs for Youth and Workforce Development. In addition, Baden Street Settlement is the host agency for the Metro Council for Teen Potential

General Information

It has continuously and dynamically grown to provide a full-range of services and facilities to improve the quality of life of adults, children and families, to pursue the elimination of the causes of poverty and to reduce the level of negative social problems associated with being poor and disadvantaged. Baden Street Settlement works cooperatively and collaboratively with other concerned agencies to meet the needs of neighborhood residents.

Baden Street Settlement, of Rochester, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization serving people living in northeast Rochester, NY working to improve families, education and health and reducing crime and violence.